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Tulla Gastl
Practitioner in
Georgistraße 6
D - 86666 Burgheim
Tel. 00 (49) 84 32/ 94 93 97 8
Contact GB:





I am at people’s side on their personal journey to find fun, love, inner peace, and calm. 



Holistic Spiritual Counseling




Answers to your questions!
For your questions, I enter the energy plane that connects us all and provide myself as channel.
By seeing, feeling, and hearing from within, I receive a comprehensive image of your questions. I describe for you my perceptions and together we can question until you understand clearly the answers.
Practical solutions!
It allows you to understand reasons and interconnections clearly and you receive practical information and help to create your life in a positive way.
Precise information!
You receive precise information and suggestions for solutions. Oftentimes, it is possible to solve issues during counseling sessions through a conscious awareness or a change in perspective.



Each event in life

is geared toward the glow of the divine spark within us!


Use your own divine powers!
My deepest ambition is to awaken your awareness for your own divine powers and to allow everybody to apply the universal laws as easily as possible.  
The solution is within you!
Instead of searching the outside realm for causes and solutions, I lead you to your center and provide you with the opportunity for self-healing and inner growth.

Every day the gift of life becomes a wonderful and fulfilling experience!


Professional training:
Practitioner for psychotherapy;
spiritual training;
Bild (drawing) and Gestalt Therapy (BGT);
prenatal metamorphosis;

spiritual healing according to NFSH;

hospice training;






Please feel free to talk to me. I am here for all questions you may have at any time!